Welcome the Apple iPad!

Apple Co founder Steve Jobs unveils the new iPad which is set to revolutionise the mobile and notebook market which is currently dominated by his own products, Mackbook Air and the iPhone. It merges the two best sellers with a very lightweight and thin design much like the new iPhone 3G and will have the same functionality.

(above) Steve Jobs speaking about the iPad at the unveiling

The iPad has a huge battery life of 10 hours and as quoted by Mr Job’s ‘I can take a flight from San Francisco to Tokyo and watch video the whole time’.

The inclusion of iPhone app’s use on the product means the functionality is going to be just as good, if not better than the iPhone 3G which is still a very coveted product for Apple.

It remains to be seen whether the new iPad will be able to live up to expectations and take over the notebook / Laptop market and merge the world of mobile internet and computers but it’s an exciting strategy for Apple who have already had unprecedented worldwide success with their iconic products and forward thinking technologies.

Watch this space!

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