E-commerce Sites: 5 ways to turn traffic into sales

I deal with a lot of eCommerce sites but it is surprising how many eCommerce sites are not making the most of the traffic they receive and are missing out on sales as a result.

The eCommerce advice that follows might sound obvious but they can seriously damage your website conversions if not done well.  Here are my top 5 means of improving your site and thus improve the effectiveness of your online marketing.

Top Five eCommerce Tips

  1. Put function ahead of form. The web is full of very pretty sites that are a nightmare to use or buy from. Remember that the prime role of a site is to provide a service and that aesthetics are not the be all and end all. Personally, I don’t buy things from Amazon because it’s pretty; I buy things from them because it’s easy.
  2. Content. Even if you disregard the search benefits of SEO web content, an uninformative, boring, flatly written site (no matter how many fancy graphics it has) will drive visitors away before they buy from you.
  3. Make sure people can see your products. That may sound obvious but not being able to find or see what you’re looking for is a huge issue with ecommerce websites. Images, prices, sizes & features should all be displayed. This is where aesthetics is almost as vital as function. Put the effort in on your product pages and you’ll see the rewards, as long as you follow the next 2 pieces of advice…
  4. Be Contactable. Show people there are people in your organisation and be willing to answer questions. A clearly displayed & functional contact us form will dispel any concerns that you are simply there to take money. This is the online equivalent of receiving excellent, helpful but unobtrusive service in a shop on the High Street and if done well can generate not just sales but repeat custom also.
  5. It must be easy to buy from your site. Awkward navigation, trolleys, checkout & payment process are all reasons for potential customers to give up on your site and go elsewhere. If the process of finding what you want and consequently buying it is a smooth one you’ll see a lot more visits become sales.

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